Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Destruction 101

I don't have a lot of experience wrecking things. I tend to be one that enjoys building things up more than tearing them down, but gee whiz it's pretty fun wielding an axe, chainsaw and ripping a building apart with a pick up truck. My good friends Dr. P, RD, Kumi, Julie and my kid bro Jamie helped me out on the farm this past weekend ripping apart an old fruit stand. We're convinced that we can handle the destruction of most of the old house and outbuildings now, although they're far bigger and more complex. We started a burn pile that I'll blaze once the leaves are off the trees and the ground freezes. RD is fiercely determined to chop down a dead tree that's probably 100 ft tall. I wouldn't know which way to run! My dad and I installed new gates at the front of the property as well. I haven't spent time alone, working and talking with my dad like that for years. It was a fantastic day.

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Sherann said...

That farms big enough for you to keep a couple of wives and raise 18 babies on!!!