Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My New Best Friend (besides Margot of course)!

To go from being on a rock n roll tour for 5 months across Europe, the US and Canada to living in the middle of nowhere in a powerless trailer is ... A BIT of a transition. The only sounds I hear everyday are birds and wind. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful feeling of tranquility but after a week even I need to hear another human voice. This has prompted me to discover a wonderful new medium ... the portable radio. Imagine if you will, being able to take a radio with you anywhere without plugging it in. CBC Radio and AM Country 980 are at the top of my current playlist. Absolutely mindboggling. Forget ipods, nanos and touchs; this, my friends, is a General Electric. Move over Steve Jobs!

Harvest A Plenty! (Canners Unite!)

My Mom planted some seeds just before I went on summer tour with Carpenter and its now harvest time! Reminded me of being a little kid with one of our small backyard gardens. It still amazes me just how much food can come from such a small plot of land. The key appears to be using all of your bounty as it ripens at the same time. I am planning on taking some canning and jarring classes to help survive the winter. Will it be me surrounded by dirty hippies, unibombers and geriatric ladies? Stay tuned!

Burn Baby Burn!! (I Love Fire)!

One of the reasons I want to live on the farm is to have lots of fires (some others include wearing wifebeater tanktops, listening to Pantera, and shooting guns). I know that sounds slightly out of character but I'm trying to expand my horizons and live a little! On the weekend I happily built this new fire grill with some old cinderblocks I found on the farm. Talk about recycling! Now I just need some food to cook on it. One step at a time...

My How Things Change...

Last year at this time I was working on Ed, Edd n' Eddy, making lots of money and eating out at restaurants all the time. Vancouver is known for having a ton of great sushi restaurants that aren't too expensive and we'd hit them up every week if not more.
I was thinking of those times yesterday when I sat down to eat my new everyday meal on the farm.

1.5 Peanut Butter sandwiches (Always Kraft Smooth)
1 Can of CocaCola (Sometimes substituted with Dr. Pepper)

My how things change in a year...

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Man's Home is his Castle?! (I'm Back Baby!)

Well, perhaps not a castle but certainly a dry place to lay my head. Welcome to my new home: a 1977 Master Coach camper trailer complete with wood paneling, striped wallpaper and orange curtains. I actually like the decor, is that odd? I've been on tour with Carpenter and This Is A Standoff since March so the idea of staying in one place (complete with a bed!) is very appealing to me right now. My Dad was lucky enough to find this dream boat from his friendly neighbour Tiny (is it really surprising that he is quite the opposite?). Now it's on the farm and ready for some serious livin'! Now if only I had power. Also, the kitchen table folds down into a bed with a privacy curtain for all of my guests..........c'mon people, live a little! Little House on the Prairie!? Alone in the Wilderness?! The Alaska Experiment?! Get with it.
It's not a Yaletown condo. It's better.