Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hunka Hunka Burnin' Rubber!

I have A LOT of junk. Buckets full. Buildings full. Fields and forests full. Probably an entire small town landfill could be filled with the contents. Apparently the man who owned the farm many years ago was a hoarder. A full on A&E don't throw away that newspaper or water bottle cause it has meaning to me hoarder. This presents a great deal of work for me. Oh sure occasionally you'll find the odd treasure like an OV stubby bottle or cracked 8 track player, but most of the time you're up to your neck in black mold and mouse poo. (Yes Mom I'm wearing my SARS mask). This week I've been trying to clean up and make the place a little more respectable for Margot and I. In fact yesterday I dropped off 24 used tires to the Seymour Landfill (and that's only a fraction of what I've found lying about!) A lot of people have been storing, burying or burning their old scrap tires rather than pay a fee for their removal. Luckily the province of Ontario has started a free recycling program to encourage their collection ( Now my old tires can be converted to patio tiles, playground surfaces, roadways or those ugly swings hanging from willow trees. No more West Nile on this farm baby!

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Sabrina Alberghetti said...

I betcha that OV bottle made it's way over from Brantford.