Friday, August 21, 2009

A Man's Home is his Castle?! (I'm Back Baby!)

Well, perhaps not a castle but certainly a dry place to lay my head. Welcome to my new home: a 1977 Master Coach camper trailer complete with wood paneling, striped wallpaper and orange curtains. I actually like the decor, is that odd? I've been on tour with Carpenter and This Is A Standoff since March so the idea of staying in one place (complete with a bed!) is very appealing to me right now. My Dad was lucky enough to find this dream boat from his friendly neighbour Tiny (is it really surprising that he is quite the opposite?). Now it's on the farm and ready for some serious livin'! Now if only I had power. Also, the kitchen table folds down into a bed with a privacy curtain for all of my guests..........c'mon people, live a little! Little House on the Prairie!? Alone in the Wilderness?! The Alaska Experiment?! Get with it.
It's not a Yaletown condo. It's better.


Big Jim Miller said...

You figure out the pooping situation yet? Glad you're documenting this!

whichcraft said...

Woo Hoo! Party at Dan's!

I love it!!